Chincoteague Island Kayaking

Kayaking and fishing is extremely popular on Chincoteague Island, with plenty of sheltered areas to explore or fish. Kayakers that enjoy fishing may encounter a variety of species in the waters surrounding Chincoteague.

Flounder fishing by kayak is popular on the island. The salt marshes on both sides of Chincoteague Island are intersected by creeks and shallow bays which are accessible by kayak.

Kayak anglers have an advantage in many of these backwater coves and small creeks. These areas often have excellent fish habitat such as aquatic grasses, tidal rips, oyster colonies, or other structure.

In addition to flounder fishing,  kayakers can fish for croakers, sea bass, tautog, sea trout, striped bass, kingfish, swelling toads, pigfish, and other inshore species.

Kayak launching areas are available in several areas on Chincoteague Island, including the public boat ramp at Queen Sound, city facilities, private marinas and other locations.

It is advisable to study potential kayaking areas before launching. A navigational chart and is essential due to the maze of creeks that meander thru the backwater areas.

Topographical maps or may also be useful for previewing waterways before exploring Chincoteague Island.

In addition, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission website lists the most current fishing regulations, safety tips, and other information.

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